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Where to stay during the Cannes Film Festival?

Who does not know the Cannes Film Festival? It is a commemorated event that liven things up in the city. It is also a celebration that takes possession of the tabloids all over the world.

My home in Cannes apartments and houses for rent over the Cannes Film Festival period

Apartment for rent Cannes Film Festival

Famous actors, film industry professionals, international celebrities and aspiring actors join the general public who want to get pictures of their idols and meet them for real. "Bling bling", energetic background music, red carpet full of stars, paparazzi in turmoil, some scandals and diplomatic affairs, the Cannes Film Festival is the place of all the attentions invading the city during 15 days.

Great festivities or small anecdotes often become such a great event, some of them have even founded their own legends. For this 2018 edition, we are coming to its 71st anniversary and the Cannes Film Festival gets itself constantly talked about.

Through the years, the French Association of the International Film Festival has progressed while maintaining the most important: the great passion for cinema. But also, the event is held to reveal new talents and to demonstrate the excitement of festival-goers and the professionals of film industry from around the world who will be present to take part in the birth and sharing of new achievements.

For this 71st edition, the President of the Jury of the Cannes Film Festival will be Cate Blanchett. The celebration will be held in May 2018 and will open on a Tuesday, if the previous one have started every Wednesday. This has been put in place so that the prize list can be held on a Saturday. However, the Festival will be celebrated for 12 days, as usual.

Do you also want to go to Cannes to attend this big day? Let us help you find the best accommodation worthy of you. For this, let us suggest you a rental, a convenient and advantageous way to consider.

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