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The Palais des Festivals belong to the district of the city-center ​​Croisette and it is enough for Cannes to be known worldwide thanks to the international Cannes film festival. It is also worth noting that this must-see place of the city also hosts many other events of all kinds such as concerts, exhibitions, theaters, dances and professional meetings. If you intend to come for such an event, better to rent your apartment for the Cannes Film Festival now.

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Apartments to let for the Cannes Film Festival

Discover our 700 apartments and lofts for rent in Cannes, all available for the next Cannes Film Festival. My home in offers a wide range of accommodation available during the Cannes Film Festival. Among others, check our offers on the Croisette in Cannes to be as close as possible to the Palais des Festivals.

Rent an apartment for the Cannes Film Festival

For those who do not have the opportunity to attend these shows and activities, the town hall organizes a guided tour entitled \"in the heart of the myth\" during which visitors have the opportunity to relate the atmosphere and the great moments of the history of this famous festival. You dream of walking in the footsteps of the stars when you do not have the chance to share in any of these opportunities, you can always take yourself for a starlet at the steps of the palace the time of some pictures. For this purpose, you should in any case rent an holiday apartment for the Cannes Film Festival.Those who intend to follow in the footsteps of these actors, directors and other celebrities of the seventh art will find satisfaction to put their hand over the footprints left by these stars. The slabs of the alley of the stars are made of 140 castings in the engraved stainless steel. Accommodation via a private rental site is an appropriate solution.Acquiring an apartment not far from the Palais will also be advantageous for a culinary tourism. The place is full of gourmet restaurants, bistronomic restaurants, foreign specialties, brasseries, beach restaurants, glaciers, chocolate sellers and tea rooms, adapted to all budgets and according to the desire. Epicureans will be well served and after all Cannes is part of the South, renowned for its exquisite flavors and sunny cuisines.This area of ​​the city also has a popular eponymous beach in the heart of the city, on the left side of the Palais and the harbor. For a beach holiday, a rental apartment with family or friends will be of great help. Especially since the place is pleasant to enjoy the sun in a stretch of sand of 150 m.Rent now your apartment for the coming Cannes Film Festival.