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Finding apartment rentals in Cannes is one of the major concerns of holidaymakers or people visiting the region throughout the year. A warm climate, sunshine for most of the year, numerous events organized even during the winter, close to Italy and the mountains of the Southern Alps, the region of Côte d’Azur or “French Riviera” gives many reasons to make of his visit particularly attractive.

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Holiday apartments to let in Cannes

Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in Cannes, French Rivieira. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in Cannes offers you also a wide selection of properties such as holiday apartment with swimming pool or luxry apartments in Cannes. You can also rent one to attempt the next Cannes Film Festival!

Rent an apartment in Cannes

In this way, the Alpes Maritimes and in particular the region of Cannes and Antibes, due to a massive demand,  offer a complete range of apartments for rent on the Côte d'Azur. Whether it is in holiday residences with swimming pool, in old bourgeois buildings, in recent buildings on the sea front or in the villages of the Côte d’Azur, everyone can find the apartment for rent in Cannes of his choice. It will be necessary to determine the criteria that you prefer for your holidays, whether it is the proximity of the sea and beaches or the tranquility of a stay in the hinterland nevertheless further away from the coast and the main events of summer . One thing that can be important is that you will be able to determine the activities you wish to do during your holidays on the Cote d'Azur. So if you prefer water sports, it is better to have your apartment rental in Cannes close to beaches especially as these one are so difficult to reach during the summer due to the high traffic during this period. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of golf, tennis or hiking, for example, renting an apartment in one of the villages in the hinterland will suit you may be better. Indeed, most of the golf courses in the area are set back from the sea, many tennis clubs bordered the countryside. Finally, as far as hiking is concerned, the most beautiful hiking trails are located in the hinterland, notably the Parc du Mercantour, which is an absolutely must-see destination if you are on holiday in Cannes or on the French Rivieira. In any case, do not miss a visit of the surrounding villages such as Vallauris, Mandelieu La Napoule or Antibes.