Practical information about My Home In Cannes

My Home In Cannes in a few

Cannes is a world famous city. The film festival, which takes place on the Croisette every year in May is of course one of the reasons. What is less known and what should definitely be experienced when going to Cannes, are the surroundings of this beautiful town on the French Riviera.

Each village is more beautiful than the other. To name a few, the famous Antibes (hosting some of the largest yachts), Téhoule Sur Mer, Valbonne or Mougins.

Besides the impressive yachts that are often anchored facing Cannes beach, there are in the bay of Cannes two islands, a small archipelago named the "Lerins Islands". Less than fiftheen minutes away by boat, these islands (only occupied by a monastery) are somewhat out of time. Do not miss them if you get a chance to spend a holiday in Cannes.

How to get there?

Car: A6 motorway runs along the French Riviera. When you arrive from Paris, close to Avignon, you will drive in the direction of Nice, the capital city of the French Riviera. You will then pass close to Marseille, Saint Tropez, Cannes and Nice. The A6 motorway can take you to Italy if you wish! And if you have time to spend on your way to Cannes, do not hesitate to organise some stops between Marseille and Cannes, or better use the road going along the cost. Traffic might be difficult but you will discover an amazing landscaping.

Train station: the cities of Cannes and Antibes are well served from the Gare de Lyon in Paris and more generally all the important cities in France, Italy and Switzerland. Unfortunately, the fast train connection (TGV) does not go all the way to Cannes. So you may find it a bite slow.

Airport: The nearest airport is Nice which is the second French airport in terms of traffic and serves a variety of European destinations as well as some cities in the US, Asia and North Africa.

Bus & Taxi: On arrival at the train station or at the airport, you can rent a car or take a bus or a taxi. Choose the right bus if it happens that your holiday rental is not in Cannes but in one of the surrounding villages.

When should we come?

The Riviera benefits of 300 days of sunshine per year and is the second French touristic destination after Paris. Therefore, it is crowded all year long with peaks in the summer months but also during the Cannes film festival in May, the Monte Carlo tennis tournament in April, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco or during numerous professional events such as the MIDEM or the MIPCOM. If you want to avoid crowds, extreme heat and enjoy a little lower price, the Spring and the autumn are the best times to visit the area. The many cultural events, beautiful sites and mild climate also make the French Riviera the perfect destination for a sunny break in the middle of the winter.

Good to know!

Travelling in the region can be a real challenge during the summer months and access to the beaches at peak times is particularly difficult, knowing they are usually quite small. To avoid traffic jams, it is advisable to get to the beach before 11 am and depart before 17pm which leaves enough time to enjoy the sun.