Antibes and Juan Les Pins, two treasures of the region of Cannes

An exquisite setting with so much beautiful charms, Cannes is a wonderful tourist destination at the head of a highly fluorescent high-tech industry. The city is rich in cultural heritages and is renowned worldwide for its film and leisure festivals. Most holidaymakers also want to discover its Croisette which is impeccably lined with sumptuous palaces. It holds all the splendor of the world, but not only that ... Here are 2 of its rare treasures that are also worth the detour!


It is a municipality located right on the edge of the Mediterranean to 10 km to the east of Cannes. It holds a maritime frontages which turns towards the Baie des Anges. You would have understood it ! Antibes is a perfect destination to get wonderful moments on the beach. Make the most of moments of pure happiness by bathing in a transparent sea bordered by sand with sensational delicacy.

The climate in Antibes is of the Mediterranean type. It is ideal to go on a summer trip in order to take advantage of the sun as well as the various interesting tourist attractions to see during the holidays. In order to make your children happy, take them to the dolphins, orcs and sea lions in Marineland. Let them marvel at the sight of exotic fish, rays and huge sharks in the transparent tunnel specially designed for contactless visits.

Those who are passionate about art will certainly appreciate the Picasso Museum which is one of the emblematic sites of Antibes. On the spot , there are large compositions marking the golden age of painting and especially Picasso, the famous timeless painter!

Juan les Pins

It is the major seaside resort of Antibes located in the coast. It is beautifully bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and is favorable to tourism. When you are in Cannes, first and foremost, stop in this little piece of paradise where all holiday dreams come true!

There are many entertaining activities in Juan Les Pins. If you prefer outings on the beachside, you can pop over to Juan Les Pins beach, it would be a great way to start the day. It is a place of golden sand at the calm and soothing sea, ideal for bathing the children. Several establishments have been set up in the vicinity of the aquatic sites in order to provide you with suitable equipment for underwater snorkeling, boards for sailing, etc.

Are you looking for a quiet place to relax? You will certainly be delighted to discover the Parc de la Pinède, a great place to crash so as to find yourself in the middle of a preserved and verdant nature!