Events in Cannes

Cinema in Cannes

Cannes is undoubtedly the European city that gives pride of place to cinema. It is often overwhelmed with media madness during the Cannes Film Festival every May. During this period, the eyes of the whole world are clinging under the lights of projector of the city, everyone is talking about it ... Cannes, that breathes all year long pure atmosphere of cinema.Cannes has done everything possible to carry on the magic of the 7th art. It has as many potentialities...

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Celebrations in Cannes

Cannes is without any doubt the tourist destination where festivities are organized every day of the year that make beat the heart of the city. It is not surprising that the visitors crowd together in order to discover all the natural and cultural riches of the city. Even outside the holiday periods, many events begin to shine in order to do the city’ s proud  and to give value to that latter. Here are 3 concrete examples of the famous...

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