Cinema in Cannes

Cannes is undoubtedly the European city that gives pride of place to cinema. It is often overwhelmed with media madness during the Cannes Film Festival every May. During this period, the eyes of the whole world are clinging under the lights of projector of the city, everyone is talking about it ... Cannes, that breathes all year long pure atmosphere of cinema.

Cannes has done everything possible to carry on the magic of the 7th art. It has as many potentialities as the celebrities that it hosts. When you are in the city, let yourself be overwhelmed with emotions by discovering the many efforts it has made for years:

Painted Walls

Cannes had the brilliant idea of ​​embellishing its districts by adorning all the walls of murals frescoes always following a common theme of the 7th art. The drawings are gigantic bringing to the honor the icons of the cinema.

The Little Tourist Train

This one will offer you a walk along the Croisette. You can book it for a full tour by doing a thorough exploration serving the Suquet district.

Movie theaters in Cannes

Today, apart from the Raimu room, the city of Cannes has 4 cinemas that are ready to let you discover the recent releases. In these places are organized all kinds of debates and projections fed by the associations of moviegoers following the example of "cannes-cinema" and "cannes-cinephiles".

The Road of the Stars

As Los Angeles has its great pride: the "Walk of Fame", Cannes, also holds its Road of the Stars which is established in front of the Palais Festivals. Many stars have already deposited their signatures and the imprint of their hands.

The Ephemeral Museum

In order to add a cultural touch to the decor, Cannes has built an ephemeral museum to pay tribute to audiovisual and cinematographic creation. A film studio is also part of the exhibition at the Palais des Festivals.