The Suquet district

Being situated on a hill to the west of the bay of Cannes, the Suquet district which si sometimes called "Mount Chevalier" is known to be the oldest village in Cannes. The inhabitants had the brilliant idea of ​​building their dwellings on the slopes of a great rock overlooking the sea.

Contrary to the Croisette, which shows glittery and "strassed" landscapes, the Suquet district has preferred to adopt a more modest pace with its old and astute houses and alleys. This small "vintage" side of the village makes the latter authentic and picturesque.

Known for its famous medieval castle with a large 11th-century Tower, you find yourself in a folkloric province that reflects both captivating and mysterious tunes. This is not surprising if we call the neighborhood of Le Suquet "the historic Old Cannes".

You will be surprised to discover a charming city rich in restaurants where you can appreciate a drink! On the terrace or inside, the decoration, the atmosphere and the light of the culinary signs are declined all smooth and immediately prompt to sit down and often linger!

Take advantage of a walk in the Forville Market to get acquainted with Cannes. As the meeting point for most of the inhabitants, the market stands present a whole range of high-quality food with exceptional freshness that makes you want to cook.

The Suquet district has everything a dream destination for a dream holiday! To enhance your day of exploration, you can pop over to the old castle of Castre that will give you one of these panoramic views over the Bay of Cannes. You will also be able to make the most of pure moments by swimming on the edge of a quiet beach with calm waters and golden sand of extraordinary fineness.