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Cannes Beaches

The Cannes beaches have an interplanetary reputation, not only because of the International Film Festival but for its fine sand, opalescent sea and the sun. Each one has its definition of the most beautiful beach but that of the Festivals Palace is incontestably a part of it.It is the most central, near the palace where the Festival of Cannes takes place, so from the famous Croisette and a few steps of the port. It spreads along the promenade Favre le Bret, before the beach Croisette. It is one of three public beaches in the city center. This is where summer highlights or the film festival takes place.The summer holidays make this area more lively, and when one speaks of "alive", it is the theater of the famous "Beaches electronic Festival" where djs specialists in this genre will have the chance to vibrate the place. This is one of the most striking events of the summer holidays in Cannes.On the other hand, the place is still nice for its gentle slope, very suitable for family swimming and of course, access is free where you can sunbathe a la carte and in complete freedom. The beach runs 150 meters of sand and you are also free to afford to put under the teeth a few steps, going from cafes, pizzerias, grills to gourmet restaurants.Before going to the Rue d'Antibes, always near the Croisette, for a shopping trip or to lick the window, among friends, you can indulge in this relaxation by the sea. Realizing this idleness before a walk is still possible if the idea is to spend a good time with friends or in love. The open view from the boulevard and the sunset are a marvel. Enjoy Cannes beaches all year long!