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Find your accommodation for the International Private Equity Market (IPEM) in Cannes

The IPEM or International Private Equity Market is an international meeting of Private Equity exposing a creative vision that focuses on business meetings between several investors whether institutional or private: fund managers, entrepreneurs and future founders who are looking for a financing for their projects.

Our accommodation for the International Private Equity Market (IPEM) in Cannes

If you intend to attempt such an event, better to get the right accommodation in Cannes. Go through our selection of property and find the one that suits you the best in Cannes for any event, whether you come for the IPEM or the Mobility Meetings!

Book your accommodation for the International Private Equity Market in Cannes

The event brings together more than 1,200 participants, all focused on private equity. Each of these stakeholders comes from 35 countries of which 250 are investors if 200 institutes are made up of artisans and entrepreneurs. For this year 2018, these members will meet in Cannes and attend events of networking, exchange and making contact. The IPEM will last 3 days.Are you on vacation in Cannes in the week of January 20, 2018? Please note that the IPEM will be held on January 24th until January 28th, 2018. Concerning your accommodation, it would be more practical to opt for an apartment rental or a villa rental near the Palais des Festivals and Palais des Congresses, the place where the event will be organized.Opting for this solution for the accommodation will facilitate, among other things, your travel if you want to attend the meeting. IPEM was a resounding success in 2017 with 400 companies from 32 countries representing different sectors. Giving priority to a house rental will be a more practical solution for you, because it will allow you to accommodate a large number of people.Small start-up or large firm, you can take all your team for a business trip to Cannes while taking advantage of an accommodation rental, very convenient to stay in comfort. Our rental offers are within the reach of all portfolios and are meticulously designed to meet all expectations.IPEM is coming to its third edition and is a great opportunity that brings together all the global operators in Private Equity in France. This type of opportunity particularly attracts the Hexagon like its needs SME and ETI in own funds and integration in vast networks. The IPEM is still an important benefit for both investors and entrepreneurs, as it allows for the continuation of relations between the Foundation as well as emerging countries including China, Africa, Canada, etc.Inthis way, do not hesitate to book the accommodation rental of your choice so that you can stay in peace with colleagues in Cannes and your 3-day adventure at the IPEM can be a success!