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Find your accommodation for the Pink Festival in Cannes

The Pink or The International Rosé Festival, is the only international and professional event that celebrates rosé wines. It is an opportunity for producers, amateurs and buyers from all over the world to make an appointment and share, together, the same passion ... Find your accommodation to attend the next Pink Festival in Cannes.

Our accommodation for the Pink Festival in Cannes

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Book your accommodation for the PINK FESTIVAL in Cannes

Pink celebrates rosé wines and brings together an international congregation of wine specialists. The Festival consists mainly of meeting the producers as well as the key buyers of the international market of rosé: wholesalers, importers, exporters, wine waiter, customers of the Hexagon, etc.This very first event that celebrates rosé wines also allows professionals and buyers to get closer and to get an establishing of contact. The International Rosé Festival is an energetic and innovative representation re-examining the concept of the wine trade show. The purpose of the event is to give an opportunity for exchange to producers and connoisseurs of rosé.Are you leaving for Cannes soon? Whether you are a simple tourist or a wine specialist, the Pink Festival opens its doors to you! As a type of accommodation, you can give priority to a house rental or a villa rental, an excellent way to stay in luxury in Cannes.A rental is indeed a most advantageous solution that will allow you to live comfortably : well-appointed bedrooms, kitchen, access to watering place, practical shower and toilet, etc. If you choose a house rental or a villa rental, you can take the whole family or all colleagues, because this type of accommodation is ideal for visitors traveling in large communities.The Cannes Rosé Wine Festival will be held among other things at the Palais des Festivals and Congresses. To guarantee more convenience, why dont’ you choose not choose an apartment rental or a house rental near this famous place? In this way, you will be able to move easily.Opting for an accommodation rental right next to the Palais des Festivals and Congresses will also avoid traffic jams and other inconveniences. In fact, the event tends to cause some traffic because many people want to attend Pink. That's why, it would be better to choose a location near the place of organization to avoid this kind of problem.The International Rosé Festival lasts 2 days and a half and is manifesting every February. Therefore, do not wait any longer to book the house rental or the apartment rental of your choice and fully live your stay by tasting the delights of the rosé wine!