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Museums in Cannes

Museum Cannes: the historical district of Cannes is home to the Castre Museum, the city museum, which is a real piece of world culture. It is located on the heights of the Suquet and has collections of art and ethnology. The museum settled in the remains of the medieval castle of the monks of Lérins in 1919, after the municipality received all the buildings. Previously, since 1877, it was established at the town hall.The monument itself is already a historical object. It is indeed built on a square plan in the image of a quite other castle of the Middle Ages with donjon, one of the rare witnesses of that time in Cannes. It incorporates into its enclosure a main building, a square tower which is an observatory pylon in its central courtyard and obviously a chapel. Before reaching the museum, a garden planted with typically Mediterranean species welcomes the visitors and offers a beautiful panorama on the beaches of the Midi. The actual visit begins with the field of decorative arts, especially the essence of art. It is made from a series of small rooms where we are entitled to a set of primitive art objects, pieces of Mediterranean antiquity, pre-Columbian ceramics and a rich effect of Oceania with Polynesian weapons, mask or votives statues of the Himalayas and fishing and hunting tools of the Arctic. These ethnographic objects are the result of the donation of a Dutch nobleman.Still in the artistic field, musical instruments from the four continents outside Europe are displayed at the Chapelle Sainte Anne. Then, a series of landscape paintings of Cannes and the Riviera of the XIXth century is presented in the three rooms of the building. This is the opportunity to enrich his culture with the picturesque motifs of Joseph Contini and Adolphe Fioupou. The maritime genre is honored thanks to Ernest Buttura. The so-called fawn painters are present with the works of Jean Baptiste Olive, Edouard Crémieux and Edouard Ducros. This city is not limited to beaches, you also have museums in Cannes!